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The PAP DX Greek Home Page

The PAP DX Music Page

The PAP DX Yahoo! Geocities Home Page

The PAP DX Computer Home Page

The PAP DX London Page

The PAP DX Java Zone (Δεν είναι πλέον διαθέσιμη)

PAP DX Live!

PAP DX Does America (Υπό κατασκευή)

PAP DX Notes

PAP DX on AltecNet (Υπό κατασκευή)

PAP DX on MySpace (Υπό κατασκευή)

The PAP DX Blog (Υπό κατασκευή)

Greek Character Test
An encoding META TAG has been added to identify the character set as GREEK (ISO)
Tested successfully on Windows Internet Explorer, Netscape & Mozilla FireFox, it should hopefully also work on a MAC. Problem noted with Greek capital accented A.


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